Confused with funny terms like beginner, improver, intermediate, advanced? Continue reading.
Going to workshops, eh? Do you want to learn something new and have a good time or feel bad and ask yourself why did you get yourself in this mess anyway? Well, the way you feel is directly connected to your dancing skills and the level which you choose to follow.


The rules of life can also be applied to dance – you cannot jump over the essential steps to become better. So what’s the key to success? It’s actually really simple, my friend.
There are two ways things can go down:

  • Are you e.g. an improver but find things at improver workshops too easy? Try intermediate workshops.
  • Are you e.g. an advanced dancer but find things at advanced workshops too difficult? Then go a level or two below – to intermediate or improver workshops.

In that way you will learn, people around you will be able to work with you and they will learn themselves, too. If you are dancing with partners of a higher level and you cannot lead or follow, you as well as your partner will be unhappy! The same goes for following different styles. Do you want that? Of course not.

One more important thing – if you are a confident advanced dancer of kizomba, that does not mean that you can attend advanced bachata classes as they require different knowledge. And vice versa!

If you’re still confused, check out the explanations below:


Absolute beginner level. If you have taken none or just a few dance classes of any style, you belong to this category. We wish you a warm welcome! Dance is for everyone and welcomes everybody!


You have taken dance classes for a few months up to a year. You are confident with the basic steps and you can do simple combinations but have limited (or none) body movement and styling. Ladies are able to follow simpler combinations. Both partners have an understanding of the rhythm and music. This is the level for you. Be persistent, dance with as many people as you can and in no time you will move forward to another level and be even more satisfied with yourself and your dancing!


You have a good understanding of dance & music and are gaining a greater capacity to move from one pattern to the other. MEN: You’re also able to perform more turns, hand changes & directional changes with better balance and more styling.

LADIES: You should be able to follow complex turn patterns comfortably and have the ability to demonstrate some interpretative footwork and body styling. We are sorry that your life is infected by the dance virus, but also happy to have one more member join us!


You’ve gained control of your body balance, timing & footwork and are able to move quickly from one pattern to the next. MEN: You have the capacity to remember & lead a series of moves with continuity & styling.

LADIES: Multiple turns, spins & ducks are no problem for you. Intricate footwork is challenging, but fun for you. Why are you reading this anyway?!?!