Juan Ignacio Ruiz

Juan Ignacio Ruiz


Juan is a pioneer in the Bachata movement in the world and Australia, recognized as one of the top Bachata influencers in the world as he has been part of the Bachata community since 2004!

His Bachata style, known as Bachata Moderna, is well structured that it makes it easy for the leader & follower to have great dance together. Juan blends Dominican footwork, with sensual shapes and Moderna patterns, as he always says “you should dance what the music tells you what to dance”

Juan has been crowned many times as Australia Bachata Champion, his Bachateros Bachata Team has won 5 national titles, and his Bachata Unit team (amateur) has won 4 national champions as well. Both teams won ALL the Australian championships available in a year! A feat only done in Australia by these 2 teams! Juan has been featured in many stages alongside world renowned Bachata singers such as Dani J, Grupo Extra, Domenic Marte, Daniel Santacruz, K-Rose, Monchy & Nathalia, Xtreme, 4Ever and many more!

Juan is also one of the founders and organizers of the successful ‘Sydney International Bachata Festival’ www.bachatafestival.com.au (founded in 2008 and worldwide recognized as the first Bachata Festival in the world) and director of the Byron Latin Fiesta www.byronlatinfiesta.com.au (from 2010).

Juan is one of the directors and founders of Tropical Soul Dance Studio (www.tsdance.com.au), which is one of the most popular dance schools in Sydney and Australia. The school fosters more than 450 students per week, with 35+ weekly classes to choose from and a staff of 18 dance instructors.

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