Hannah Melder

Hannah Melder


Hannah is a passionate teacher & creative whose mission is to Empower, Inspire & Uplift through dance. She has been dancing for over 15 years and has been working, innovating and creating in the Perth Kizomba scene for the last 8 years.

Pre Covid Hannah was a booked artist around Australia and Asia, sort after for her Ladies Ginga classes. Over the last few years her work has been focused on Women’s Empowerment through Dance. Creating events, shows, classes and such as HIVE, the Ginga Goddess Series & Goddess Dance series. Her classes are currently exploring a fusion of Heels, Afro & Ginga for Kizomba & Semba.

In 2020 she created & led one of the largest Ginga performance teams in the world The Ginga Goddess Series. She shares tools to bring out her students individual expression, swagger & confidence through movement and musicality in dance. It’s about women feeling good in our body, re-connecting to our bodies, the music & each other letting those good feelings and joy radiate out. Creating an uplifted & empowered community. She is currently teaching Kizomba, Semba & Tarraxinha and is an inspirational instructor and mentor to many people around Australia and the world.


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